When Venus Attacks.

I’m not especially familiar with the various definitions of Feminist that have come into existence, but I am certain that the spirit of it is all but dead, and lunacy (oh the irony in that word…) has risen in its wake.

I’m no expert but I’m pretty certain that babies, be they male or female, are made when a sperm penetrates an egg and with some patience and much labor, the fetus will bake in approximately 9 months and graduate to infant (mozeltoff, it’s your birthday). Indeed science has brought us far, and the whole birds n’ bee’s bit doesn’t even need to happen for the sperm to meet its destiny egg! That’s pretty f’ing terrific, right?  If you can afford that. It’s unreasonably expensive to adopt children, let alone making one out of your own gene pool with the helpful hands of many doctors and several invasive procedures.

I can practically hear you now.  “We’ll fight to change that too!”
But that change won’t happen over night. Hell, Ireland is still fighting for the right of abortion, and the United States Vice President aims to make it illegal in the Land of the Free.

And if you think that won’t happen, you’re either naively optimistic about American Politics, or you’re just not listening at all, which makes you a part of the problem, not the solution.

When you can’t afford making or adopting a baby with your wife or husband, you eventually settle into a different routine which usually involves several dogs or cats…or both, and a fish. None of which is a bad thing, but admittedly wasn’t your first choice.

Now, the patriarchy affects women and men differently, but I think we can agree it’s pretty negative all the way around. So what the fuck is this “the future is female” bullshit then? Switching out words and definitions because you like your idea of what it means better, isn’t logical, let alone reasonable. It’s childish. It says you’re not able to think critically, and understand why the future is only what we will make of it, and this ridiculous divide between the sexes only makes “we the people” weaker against the real oppressors. Triggered at every perceived offense because it makes you uncomfortable…

Yeah, life is tough baby’s.
Some people are going to be shitty.
That doesn’t have to be your problem if you choose.
Learn to suck it up, buttercup.

The amount of violence we see today is paid for and instigated by the very people you expect to fix it.

The future won’t be anything but what the Oligarchs of our great empires say it is if we don’t get our collective shit together. Start thinking in place of virtue signaling till you’ve blown a cornea; find alternatives to federal and state banking; support local business, and businesses that contribute and provide for their communities rather than their quarterly bonuses; decentralize information, especially news networks and investigative journalists; speak up as a witness to injustice, corruption, and moral bankruptcy, especially when everyone else around you is silent.

Equality between the sexes isn’t given by governments, especially if you have any kind of peaceful faith placed in your heart by a greater power. It has always been there, and we have so many smart men and women today that can tell you why, but you’ll have to Youtube that yourself.



I’m a cat person.

I’m watching a show on Netflix called The Red Road, and one of character’s asks her father why he can’t just take a day off work, and this was his response:

Look I have to go to work. You girls can’t just be home alone. […] ‘Cuz I can’t. I mean, you can’t just take days off. This isn’t what I want to do, okay? It’s what I have to do. I’m just trying to keep this family afloat. I’m not worth anything if I can’t do that.

Now for some context.

This guy’s wife is an alcoholic who is having trouble staying on the wagon, plus the voices are making sanity a little cloudy, so she’s been committed by her parents/his in-laws.

Netflix is a little dramatic, but so is regular life. When wealth became more important than humanity and compassion is where we went so terribly wrong, in my opinion of course. Inflation has devalued more than the paper in our wallets, but the paper’s on our walls as well; a degree, framed proudly in a study that’s a part of a second mortgage (mort means dead, or dying you know) means dick all in a failing economy.

It would probably shock most people (I was surprised, where you surprised?) to learn that the US has been experiencing an all time low birth rate, and has been for many years now. So has Canada, in fact. Actually, a lot of places you would think would just be BOOMING with babies are not, which begs the question why? What’s going on that would dissuade people from making babies? Other than the obvious “not everyone wants to have a family”, it turns out that once again money is problem. People want government tax breaks (it’s like we’ve forgotten how government should work), and more $$$ incentives to have children.

This is an article from 2007, so the numbers in here would have increased since then, but in short a stay at home parent (this article specifically surveyed women, but w/e) should bring in a six figure salary if paid. Think about that for a minute. Being parents, or even harder, a single parent, is hard work. They are helping guide a fresh new mind through hell. There are several allegories for this, just open a book once in awhile, you’ll become illuminated. In any case, today both would-be parents must have full time jobs that pay well over $80K in order to partially afford their new child (childcare is outrageously priced). The newborn is now a part time job that you’re always on call for. I’m certain I’m not the only one that see’s the many egregious errors in logic and ethic’s here.

I am somewhere between anger and overwhelming disappointment when I think we as a species have come so far to care and toil for so little in the most modern time we’ve ever known. History books filled with examples and reasons of what not to do, and what to do better; we might as well be rid of our own eyes if we’re not going to use them, and our voices for that matter.

If we want to ensure our future is prosperous, we have to stop giving power to the wicked and start looking to ourselves for the solutions.

tldr; Deciding to make another human being is beautiful, and should be treated that way not just by the parents, but by society. Wealth is not found in paper notes folded away in leather, tucked down a back pocket or in a purse. We need to value things differently, and stop using corrupt systems to fix the problems it creates.